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Week 14: Browns at Bengals! Toys for Tots Raffle Drawing!

Toys for Tots Raffle Drawing at Yard House This Sunday!

Another big AFC North rivalry weekend! And another Sunday where you should join us at one of our 4 DC-area spots, because this game is NOT on local DC TV.

Raffle tickets are STILL available on game day at Yard House! See your friendly neighborhood site coordinator at Yard House, and they will be happy to sell you the winning ticket! (They’ll also be happy to sell you a losing ticket.) ALL proceeds go to DC and Cleveland-area Toys for Tots!

Of course, all 4 DC-area game day sites will be open and ready too!

2022 DC Browns Backers Toys For Tots Raffle Prizes

New Years Eve Weekend in DC! Browns at Commanders Weekend Updates

We’re planning a pre-pre-pre game party at Yard House for Saturday, Dec 31 from 12:30 – 3:30 and it just won’t be the same without you!

Join us at Yard House on Dec 31 from 12:30 – 3:30 for a pre-game party to get everyone ready for the final game of the season when the Browns travel to see us (and the Washington Commanders) at FedEx field.

Remember, tickets are available for the Browns @ Commanders game on Jan 1!

Your Cleveland Browns will be here against the Washington Commanders on New Years Day. Join DC Browns Backers for the game.

The Commanders have made Club Level tickets available for $135 and Upper Level tickets for $79.

Contact Steven Hughes at Steven.Hughes@Commanders.com or call/text directly to 301-276-6485 to purchase your tickets.

Week 10: Browns at Dolphins and New Falls Church Site and Toys For Tots Raffle Kick-Off!

Happy “Back from the Bye” week everyone! We’re back at it on Sunday at the Dolphins!

2022 Toys for Tots Raffle Kicks Off in Week 10

Tickets are available starting this week for our annual Toys for Tots Raffle. We have great prizes and details here on our site. See your site coordinator for tickets on game day! Check out details here.

Don’t Forget – – Solace Outpost in Falls Church is our Newest NoVA Venue!

We’re very excited about our new Falls Church game day site. It’s a great space with a great menu. (And a game room!) Check it out this weekend.

Toys for Tots Donation

Thanks to the generosity of WDCABBC members, we were able to collect $1000 for Toys for Tots. Proceeds will be split between Toys for Tots in DC and Cleveland ($500) each. This year has been unusual in many ways (including the Browns W-L record), but our members’ support for our team and a great cause is always steady. Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful Holiday Season!


Week #13 Update

Our Browns have dominated in their last two games. Now, let’s keep the winning streak going this week vs. the Texans!

Also, this is the last week for you to purchase your raffle tickets in person at Lion & Bull and Blackfinn. We will still be selling tickets at Fado this Sunday and on December 9th, which is Charity Raffle Day. However, remember that you don’t have to be present to win, so don’t miss your chance to win one of our fabulous prizes!

Go Browns!!!

Week #10

This is the second week for our Toys for Tots raffle sales! Take this opportunity to make Christmas extra special for those less fortunate by participating in our charity raffle. Check out our prize packages here and see your site coordinator to get your tickets this Sunday. Remember, you pick the prizes that your tickets go towards and you don’t have to be present to win! And speaking of winning, the Browns are overdue for win #3, so let’s cheer them on to victory over the Falcons. GO BROWNS!!!

Week 9 — Coach Changes, Chiefs and Charity

It’s been an eventful week for the Browns coaching staff, so come out to one of our viewing sites and see if the changes make a difference on the field against the Kansas City Chiefs!

You can definitely make a difference this weekend by supporting the 2018 WDCABBC Charity Raffle. Raffle tickets are only $2 a piece or 3 for $5 and you do not need to be present to win. You choose which prize your ticket goes towards and you can check out all of this year’s fantastic prizes here. Even better, all proceeds will be donated to Toys for Tots in DC and Cleveland!

So come support the Browns and a great cause all at the same time!! GO BROWNS!!

Week 9 Trivia Hint: What anniversary is our club celebrating?

Week #8

We need all of our Browns Backers energy and support to overcome the road losing streak vs. the Steelers! So come out tomorrow to one of our three viewing sites and cheer our Browns on to victory. This is a huge game and you don’t want to miss it!! GO BROWNS!!!

Also, this year’s Toys For Tots Charity Raffle has been moved to Sunday, December 9th, since earlier this week the NFL announced that our Saturday, December 15th game will start at 8:20 pm and we want even our youngest fans to be able to attend.  Raffle tickets will go on sale on Sunday, November 4th and are still only $2 a ticket or 3 tickets for $5 and you don’t need to present at Fado to win. So check out the great prizes our team has put together and remember to buy your tickets next month at any of our three sites!

Browns Backers made a difference!

In a season that started bad and got worse, the DC Area Browns Backers nonetheless came through as winners. Through our memberships, t-shirt sales and charity raffle, we raised $2,400 for Toys For Tots! Proving once again that the NFL’s most loyal fans are winners, even if our team is not.

Thank you to everyone at RFD in downtown DC, Paddy Barry’s in Tysons Corner, and Hard Times Cafe in Manassas! I hope everyone has a great, healthy, happy and prosperous New Year and we will see you all next season. Please remember to keep an eye on this site, as well as our Facebook page, for Browns Backers info during the off season. And as always, LET’S GO BROWNS!!!

Greg Boveington
President DC Area Browns Backers Club

Hello Gang! It’s time for the weekly update!!

Our Browns take on the Cincinnati Bengals today after Monday nights’ back breaking loss to the Ravens. Since 1999 there have been times when it has been really tough to be a Browns fan, but perhaps never tougher than it is now. However, like I always say, if any of us were going to give up on the Browns we would have done it by now, and so we soldier on.

Please remember our Toys For Tots charity raffle is coming up next week. (12/13 vs San Francisco) Pictures and descriptions are available here. While our Browns may let us down, Browns Backers always come through for Toys For Tots. Please buy some raffle tickets this week, the kids are counting on you!! And remember, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN.


The 2015 Browns Backers Charity Raffle Prizes are here!

Our team has been hard at work putting together this year’s charity raffle prizes and I’m excited to announce the first one! This year’s proceeds will be split equally between the Toys For Tots chapters in Washington DC and Cleveland. So this way we are helping the community we are a part of now, as well as helping the place we proudly call “home,” Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

The drawing will take place on Sunday, December 13th at RFD Washington. However, please remember, you do not have to be present to win! Last year alone we raised $5,000 to help provide Christmas presents for children in need. So thank you for your generosity and stay tuned for more details about this year’s prizes!

Summertime Package
So what are you going to do this summer? Relax on the beach and ponder life (or the results of the 2016 NFL Draft) with your brand new Browns beach gear. This awesome package includes:

2  Cleveland Browns Beach Chairs
1  Collapsible 3-in-1 Cleveland Browns Cooler (doubles as trash can or laundry hamper)
2  Browns Beach Towels (would also look great on any bathroom towel rack)
3  Six packs of Great Lakes Brewery Beer

2015 beach raffle package