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Charity Raffle

This weekend as the Browns face the Denver Broncos, we will kickoff our annual Charity Raffle. Raffle tickets cost only $2 each or 3 for $5. The raffle will be held on Sunday, December 15th at Fado and the winner does not need to be present. Our proceeds go to Toys for Tots in DC and in Cleveland. Check out our awesome prize packages here. So let’s raise some money for Toys for Tots and watch our Browns start to turn this season around!

Go Browns!!

Don’t Stay Home

So the Browns are facing the New England Patriots and the game is on local TV at 4:25 PM. This is your time to prove that you are a true Browns fan! This is NOT the time for you to sink into your own sofa at home. When the going gets tough, real Browns fans show up. So make your way to your favorite WDCABBC viewing site this Sunday. Our hosts count on us to be there in full force, so let’s show them what Browns fans are made of!

Neil, WDCABBC President

Monday Night Football

The Browns have another tough road game on Monday with a chance to stay in first place in our Division. It’s been a long time since I could mention the Browns and first place in the same sentence! Are you going to stay home or come out to Blackfinn or Fado and cheer on our Browns with your fellow WDCABBC members? As one of our members told me, “it’s really hard to high five yourself.” So show up and win some mustard and watch our Browns defeat the 49ers.


Division Battle

This week the Browns face their first test within our Division.  This will be a very tough game, with the Ravens having home field advantage.  However, the Washington DC Area Browns Backers will have Home Bar Advantage.  Lets show our pride in our Cleveland Browns and fill up our viewing sites.  I know some of our members will be in Baltimore supporting the Browns in person, but that makes it even more important that YOU show up at on Sunday!!

We are still accepting memberships either in person or online.  Our T-shirts are selling fast and we have a limited number left.  If we don’t have your size, ask your site coordinator about how to get your T-shirt in a second order.

Baker, Browns and Beer

Three reasons for you to NOT stay home on Sunday night! Come to one of our four viewing sites and watch the Browns take on the Los Angeles Rams.  We will actually have trivia prizes at Fado and Blackfinn. Fado will also be featuring Great Lakes Joe Thomas Kolsch beer on tap. We will need all hands on deck to cheer for our Browns in this tough match up.

Go Browns!!
Neil (WDCABBC President)

Special Announcement

Big News! Starting THIS SUNDAY, the Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Joe Thomas Kolsch beer will be on tap at Fado. This will only be available for a limited time so it’s a good reason to come on out for the later game this weekend. Due to limited distribution, it will only be available at Fado. No other viewing sites will have it.  GO BROWNS!!!

Monday Night Football

Our attendance at all four viewing sites for the Browns opener was impressive. Now here we are in Week Two, with a Monday Night game against the Jets. Does anyone remember what happened the last time Baker Mayfield faced the Jets in an evening game?

In the past, our club would not always officially meet for night games. Attendance was often severely decreased, especially during the years of losing. Many of our members that responded to our Summer survey said they might come out to our viewing sites for night games. So we have decided to officially meet at our two largest attended venues: Fado and Blackfinn. We will give away our halftime trivia prizes and will be accepting memberships and selling T-shirts.

The game will be on at Ugly Mug and Eclipse, but we will not being doing halftime trivia there. So come join your fellow Browns Backers and watch the game with other Browns fans. We promise that even if you leave at halftime so that you are well rested for work on Tuesday, we won’t judge you.


Neil (WDCABBC President)

Week One – The Wait is Over!

A line from a Tom Petty song kept going through my head after the trade for Odell Beckham Jr., “The waiting is the hardest part.” Well the wait is over and week one is here!

It is time for all Browns fans in the Washington DC Area to show up at one of our four viewing sites! There is nothing like watching game with other Browns fans, so please join us! We are expecting large turnouts, so please be patient and remember that we all have one goal to cheer our Browns to victory!

Neil Angelotti, WDCABBC President

The 2019 season is almost here!

Hey there Browns Fans! The moment we’ve been waiting for is almost here as our Cleveland Browns prepare to kick off the 2019 season next week against the Titans.

It also means that time to pay your dues! Don’t worry — membership dues are still only $20 and this year you can even take advantage of one of our new electronic ways to pay via PayPal or Venmo. First, you just need to fill out our 2019 Membership Form and email us a copy at WDCABBC@gmail.com. Next, pay your dues using one of the two new options. If you’re using PayPal, be sure to send it as a friend to the address WDCABBC@gmail. For Venmo, our first name is Washington DC Area and our last name is Browns Backers. You’ll receive an email confirmation that we’ve received your payment and then on game day you can pick up this year’s special membership gift from the site coordinator at any of our three viewing sites.

And of course, you can also still pay your dues at one of our four viewing sites with cash or check. So don’t delay and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at WDCABBC@gmail.com. Go Browns!!

Last Game of 2018

Win or lose this week, the Browns have had a great season and have given us something other than the 2019 NFL Draft to discuss. Come to one of our viewing sites and cheer our Browns to victory for a winning record. You can also try to spot some of our WDCABBC members that will be in the stands on TV. I hope that all of you have a Happy and Healthy 2019!!

Go Browns!!!

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