Okay DC Browns Backers, we are less than a month away from the 2016 Season! Here’s what’s new for this year:


Due to the cost of the NFL package going from $3000 TO $5000, the folks at Paddy Barry’s in Tysons Corner chose not to renew. They did not give us a lot of notice, but we were still able to come up with a new location we think you are gonna like.

Tysons Biergarten

Tysons Biergarten (TysonsBiergarten.com) proprietor Matt Rofougaran is thrilled to be hosting the Browns Backers in NOVA. We are going to have the 3rd floor all to ourselves, and Matt is in the process of adding a projection screen TV to the 3rd floor. He will have it installed in time for week 1. It is just steps from the Silver Line Greensboro Station. There is also a parking garage a block away, and the Biergarten validates for free parking. Site Coordinator Dora Tann looks forward to seeing you at the Biergarten! Dont forget, we still have The Hard Times Cafe in Manassas, with Site Coordinator Neil Angelotti, as well.

Buckeye + Bear

We have also added a 2nd location in DC! Buckeye + Bear (Buckeyebear.com) at 1730 M St NW, just a block or two from Dupont Circle. Proprietor Ryan Seelbach is a Cleveland native (University School). He is excited to be part of the DC Browns Backers. If you have had trouble getting a seat at RFD, you now can check out Buckeye and Bear. Ryan will serve as his own Site Coordinator, although we are looking for someone to help out. So if you are interested, let me know. PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE STILL AT RFD. We are not dropping them as a viewing site, we are simply adding another location for our rabid fan base.
So that is now a total of 4 locations!


We continue to hold the line with an affordable $20 membership fee. We do have a NEW premium gift with your paid membership and it is NOT a rocks glass, Pint glass, Beer Mug, Coffee Mug, Soup Bowl, etc, etc, etc. So what is it?? Stay tuned! We will reveal the new premium gift, as well as the new T-Shirt design, during Labor Day weekend.

So we have new locations, old locations. We have halftime trivia, and as usual, our Charity Raffle in December with GREAT PRIZES. Last year, due to your generosity, we raised $3,000 for Toys For Tots, and we look forward to giving back to the community again this year.

Your Club Leadership has been working hard this offseason to bring you another great year of rooting for our beloved Browns. The rest is up to them!


Greg Boveington
President – WDCABBC