30th Anniversary Logo

The Washington DC Area Browns Backers Club is turning 30!

30 Memories for 30 Years

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebration, we would love for you to share your favorite Browns Backers memory, story or whatever it is that keeps you coming back to our club year after year (because we know it hasn’t been the joy of winning!). Even if you’re a new member, you could share what you think of your experience so far or what it is that made you decide to join. Then be sure to check back this page often, since we’ll post the messages here throughout the season.

You can submit your story by emailing our club President, Neil Angelotti, at WDCABBC@gmail.com with the subject line, “BB Memory.” Please sign your message by including your first name and last initial, full name, or simply your initials.  You can also submit your story anonymously by simply indicating that in your email.

Optional: After your signature, tell us how long you’ve been a WDCABBC member.

Example: BB Memories Neil Angelotti-Member since 2007.

The deadline for submissions is October 21, 2018, so don’t wait! And thank you so much for participation!! GO BROWNS!!

Fight Song

Did you know that the Cleveland Browns once had their very own fight song? It’s true! And as part of our 30th Anniversary celebration, we are encouraging our club members to learn “Hi-O-Hi-O for Cleveland” so we can all sing it as a group after a Browns’ victory.

You’ll find the lyrics below, along with a video of our fearless president, Neil Angelotti, and his very talented daughter Emily singing it! Watch the video and sing along using the lyrics. We will try to sing it all together sometime after Week 4. GO BROWNS!!

Hi-O-Hi-O for Cleveland
For the greatest team in the land
We raise our voices
in one great chorus
Just to make them understand
We’re proud they come from Cleveland
Where we play the best football
Hi-O-Hi-O for Cleveland
To the greatest pro team of all!