The Browns game is always on in DC thanks to the DC Browns Backers!

If you lived in DC and wanted to watch the Browns in 1988, you either needed your own satellite dish that was the size of a small truck, or you needed to find the DC Browns Backers.

The Washington DC Area Browns Backers Club was established back in 1988. That was wayyyy before the NFL Sunday Ticket. If you lived out of market, catching a Browns game was not easy, or even possible in most places.

1988 was a special time for Browns fans. It would be their fourth consecutive playoff season. It would be the last season of “Marty Ball.” It was Bernie and Clay and Mack and Byner. We had a Slaughter at WR and the Wizard of Oz building his HOF resume at TE.

So much has happened since. (That’s putting it mildly.) But thanks to our WDCABBC founders, you can always catch the Browns game here in DC.

35th anniversary DCBB logo

Fight Song

Did you know that the Cleveland Browns once had their very own fight song? It’s true! And as part of our 30th Anniversary celebration, we are encouraging our club members to learn “Hi-O-Hi-O for Cleveland” so we can all sing it as a group after a Browns’ victory.

You’ll find the lyrics below, along with a video of our fearless president, Neil Angelotti, and his very talented daughter Emily singing it! Watch the video and sing along using the lyrics. We will try to sing it all together sometime after Week 4. GO BROWNS!!

Hi-O-Hi-O for Cleveland
For the greatest team in the land
We raise our voices
in one great chorus
Just to make them understand
We’re proud they come from Cleveland
Where we play the best football
Hi-O-Hi-O for Cleveland
To the greatest pro team of all!